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The Vision

My goal is to enable you with the tools you need to set the right goals, and use various techniques to achieve them; thereby finding balance among your goals, with happiness all through the journey. 

Why is happiness so important? Simple. True happiness encompasses striving to be the best version of ourselves.


Why me?

I believe "happiness" is not excelling in one aspect of life, but seeking excellence in multiple aspects of life. I personally look at my own life in a variety of ways- work and professional goals, health, self-actualization, family, love and contentment, inner peace, and learning, to name a few. I have cultivated a system for pursuing multiple goals and a structure for enabling continuous growth, and have seen the benefits of incorporating this into my own life. While doing this, I have also developed a method to remain content through my journey.  Read my blogs to understand my thought process a little better.



Cognitive behavioral therapy

Neuro linguistic programming


Perspective building

Effective Goal setting

Efficient time management


Short-term vs Long-term

Pleasure vs contentment

Habits and beliefs

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About Me

Author, Blogger and Coach by Passion; Chartered Accountant by Qualification; Finance and Strategy professional by Occupation


I am a young professional with around a decade of experience. Having worked with large corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, start-ups such as Wordplay Content, and mid sized organizations such as Firstsource Solutions (where I currently work), I have had the rare opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different organizations and have worked with diverse people with varying mindsets and varying goals. I am a faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, where I train aspiring students on building interpersonal relationships with each other and focus on client orientation and satisfaction in business. I used to volunteer with Parikrma, a school for the underprivileged, where I taught seventh graders Math until a few months ago. My first book, 'Walk the Wire', is out on Amazon globally.


I have been in Forums for over 6 years which has given me a deep level of understanding about myself through continuous introspection. I am a fitness enthusiast, an experience junkie, and an ardent foodie. I am an eternal optimist, and seek to find something good in everything. I am an avid sportsman, having represented my school and college in almost every racquet sport. I enjoy playing pool and snooker, golf, swimming, and I am a certified scuba diver. I enjoy travelling, new experiences, and learning pretty much anything. There are two versions of my personality at a constant struggle with one another- one is that of a five year old wanting to look at life in all its simplicity, and the other is that of a sixty year old wanting make a difference to people around him.

Why I became a Coach

Insights into why I became a Coach

Reverse domino effect

Understanding the reverse domino effect

Interview on the Vamcast

Check out this video on the 'Vamcast' of my journey as a life coach, with some of my learnings and insights

Why coaching works

There are supreme benefits of having somebody who has the required tools to give you the perspective into your life like you've never seen before. 

Coaching is the universally accepted way to get better.

I love what he says about it being a process of working and re-working. It's not a quick fix. But the results aren't short-lived either. 

It's not only sportspersons and sports teams that need coaching, individuals do too

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Rishi Raj Kanoi

Director- Halol Leather Cloth Pvt Ltd

Director- Kanoi Tea Pvt Ltd

Director- Aark Surya

Founder- Wokaholic India

I met Vivek almost a decade ago through a popular networking platform that our parents are a part of. Since then I have seen him grow into some one who knows what he is doing, somebody who has a clear idea of what he wants to do and how he has to do it. His dedication towards his work, his personal life (working out, reading, writing etc.) and finding a balance between work, personal life, family and friends  is something that I’ve been trying to learn from him.  

His journey has not been easy, and I feel he has experienced all phases of life and has lived up to each phase. I feel most of us want to remain in that phase where we are comfortable in and don’t want to move on as we find change to be inconvenient. But looking at him take up each phase with a fresh outlook and taking it up as a challenge with trying to excel in whatever comes along his path has helped him in becoming a balanced and a happy person.  

Out of the many things I’ve learnt from Vivek, how to deal with a problem is something I put to use daily in my life. From keeping calm, being patient, writing down the solutions, to making an informed decision has helped me grow in many ways. Vivek is my best friend, an advisor and some one I look up to.

Supriya Lahoti

Founder- The Gallery Cafe

Founder- Creatif


I have known Vivek for over a year now, but the impact he has had on my life in this short period of time is phenomenal. He  walks his talk and does so much more. It is incredible to know someone who is so young and yet so disciplined and balanced. His pragmatic and thoughtful approach to challenges in his own life is something that inspires me. They say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! This is something that Vivek does in every situation and he can teach you how to do too! His enthusiasm, cheerfulness and never give up attitude is contagious. Motivating and pushing everyone he comes in contact with to be a better version of themselves, Vivek is a true leader.

I am glad Vivek has found his purpose in helping people achieve their goals, as he is just great at that. From personal experience, I can tell you that you won't find a better coach to help you achieve your goals. I give Vivek a call when I really want to set a habit or achieve an aim. I highly recommend that you do too .

I'm looking forward to reading his new book and I hope there are many more to come!

Pradyumna Gujjar

Financial Controller, Decathlon

Chartered Accountant


Vivek and I have known each other for close to a decade now. We met each other at a certain coaching class for CA Students. We started off as coaching class buddies and today, he’s practically a brother to me.

For the longest time that I have known Vivek for, I can associate him with a person who has a clear sense of direction in his personal, professional and spiritual aspects of life. There have been times I have sought his advice on dealing with various personal and professional situations. Vivek himself is a voracious reader and we often discuss over it seeking clarity to ones thought.

Vivek’s journey, unlike many others, has not been easy. He always focuses on taking away an experience from good and challenging situations he comes across. Vivek is quite social and makes it a point to meet a lot of new people and keeps in touch with most of them. This coupled with his thirst for gaining knowledge from experiences makes him one of the few people I know who possesses clarity in life and I, having been one of his closest friends, have often benefited from his advice.

'Keep calm and stay focused' is the mantra Vivek lives by among the many others that he follows. Replicating these two mantras in my life has helped me tremendously till date. Vivek is one of those few people one treasures having as a friend, brother and an advisor. I definitely look up to him for his wisdom and how down to earth he really is!

Charlotte D'souza

International Marketing Manager, DCMN gmbh

MBA- Luxury Brand Management


I have known Vivek since I was a misguided student in university back in 2009. Knowing Vivek for almost a decade, I have seen him constantly evolve and constantly help me evolve. Vivek always looks at the bright side of things and is calm even in the most stressful of situations. He is known to be disciplined, where he sets a goal (realistic) for himself and achieves them by completing the steps he has outlined to achieve said goal. In addition, to being practical and pragmatic, he is also highly sensible and empathetic. 

When I was at the crossroads of my career, Vivek helped me unravel the questions I had about my present and future. He helped me learn to trust my own feelings and strengthen my confidence. He aided me to see the positive aspects of my life instead of getting stuck in negative thinking.

Vivek’s clearness, openness and warmth can make you feel secure while at the same time, you will be challenged in your habitual ways of thinking. I warmly recommend Vivek to all who seek personal enhancement and want to invest in a life filled with more energy