About Me

Author, Blogger and Coach by Passion; Chartered Accountant by Qualification; Finance and Strategy professional by Occupation


I am a young professional with around a decade of experience. Having worked with large corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Ernst & Young, start-ups such as Wordplay Content, and mid sized organizations such as Firstsource Solutions (where I currently work), I have had the rare opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different organizations and have worked with diverse people with varying mindsets and varying goals. I am a faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, where I train aspiring students on building interpersonal relationships with each other and focus on client orientation and satisfaction in business. I used to volunteer with Parikrma, a school for the underprivileged, where I taught seventh graders Math until a few months ago. My first book, 'Walk the Wire', is out on Amazon globally.


I have been in Forums for over 6 years which has given me a deep level of understanding about myself through continuous introspection. I am a fitness enthusiast, an experience junkie, and an ardent foodie. I am an eternal optimist, and seek to find something good in everything. I am an avid sportsman, having represented my school and college in almost every racquet sport. I enjoy playing pool and snooker, golf, swimming, and I am a certified scuba diver. I enjoy travelling, new experiences, and learning pretty much anything. There are two versions of my personality at a constant struggle with one another- one is that of a five year old wanting to look at life in all its simplicity, and the other is that of a sixty year old wanting make a difference to people around him.